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AHC-2000 Control System for Heat Cycle Test System
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AHC-2000 Control System for Heat Cycle Test System

Lead time: 30 days

Mode: AHC-2000
Function: equip over voltage and lightning protection for the breakdown of the test object. All components are supplied by SIEMENS, ABB and international company, relay and main component, terminal strip adopt Philifix products. All meters are digital displayed on computer.
    Measuring system is consist of purification isolation power, industry control computer, main power cabinet, PLC field control cabinet, volt & current acquisition device, printer. Industry computer is Advantech computer. LCD displayer is PHILIPS 19 black color liquid crystal display, shielding cabinet is PS cabinet, 800x800x2260mm, color RAL7035. Measuring system dimension, color should be confirmed by BUYER.
    Measuring system adopt remote control, has two selection on control mode: manual or automatic. Industry computer and LCD display is laid on control console. All other control and measuring units are laid in the shielding cabinet, and connect with industry computer by optical fiber to realize the setting, running, measuring on the parameter. Meantime, the computer can also display the whole system running state. Equip over-voltage, over-current protection and acousto-optic automatic alarming. Control console equip power switch (interlock), emergency switch-off button. Please check below diagram on the measuring system principle.

Main Technical Parameters: 
1)Voltage, current measurement system overall uncertainly <3%.
2)Output current
    Current adjusting range: 0-4000A continuous adjustable.
    Setting accuracy: 1A
    Current measuring display range: 0~4000A  
    Display accuracy: 1A
3)Output voltage
    Voltage measuring display range: 0~90V
    Display accuracy:0.05V
4)Voltage continuous time setting:
    Setting range: 1s~99999s
    Setting accuracy:1s
    Display accuracy:1s

Measuring & Control System Function: 
    Measuring & Control system is computer control system, adopt human-computer interface. There are different functions: operating function, measuring function, state display function, interlock function and protection function.
(1)Operating function:
a Manual and automatically operating function, automatically operating function is implement by computer.
b Regulator primary switch on/off
c Regulator raise voltage / reduce voltage
d Control regulator raising speed
e Control regulator reducing speed
f Setting timer time
g Setting current protection level
h Back-zero state
i Alarm-bell operation, alarm any time, or select alarm 2second before switch-on, lightning alarm lamp after switch-on.
j Timing operating, press timing button or auto timing. When timing, the timer work in the manner of countdown display. When reach the setting value, the voltage will reduce automatically. After reducing voltage, the system can auto switch-off according to the setting. Timer will back zero when next timing.
k Programmer control function: operator can setting the current-voltage curve, control software will control heating transformer output current tracking setted current curve.
l Meters in the standard shielding cabinet can be inspected easily.
(2) Measuring function:
① Heating transformer primary side voltmeter accuracy not less than 0.5 grade.
② Heating transformer primary side ampere meter accuracy not less than 0.5 grade.
③ Heating transformer secondary side voltmeter accuracy not less than 0.5 grade.
④ Heating transformer secondary side ampere meter accuracy not less than 0.5 grade.
⑤ Heating transformer secondary side temperature meter accuracy not less than 0.5 grade.(The heating transformer coil temperature raise value can be displayed on the control interface.)
(3) State display function:
a Regulator primary witch state
b Regulator raise/reduce voltage position limit state
c Over-current protection action display
d system cannot switch-on when test area protection switch not switch-on, and has relative display.
e Emergency button not back initial position, system cannot switch on and has relative display.
f Regulator not on the minimum position limited
g Equip emergency button on the control console. Equip switch for the power and power indicating lamp on the shielding cabinet.
(4) Interlock system
    Interlock of isolating switch ON and vacuum circuit breaker ON;
    Interlock of vacuum circuit breaker OFF and isolating switch OFF;
    Interlock of vacuum circuit breaker close and failure set lowest position of regulator;
    Test field door opened, vacuum circuit breaker cannot be closed;
    Emergency stop button not released, vacuum circuit breaker cannot be closed;
    Circuit breaker closed, tripping off automatically when the door opened;
    Only regulator primary closed first, the secondary can be closed;
    When the primary tripped off, the secondary do same action automatically;
    Circuit breaker tripped off, the regulator will go down to the lowest position;
    When the regulator is live, if the control power suddenly cut off, the vacuum breaker will trip off. After the system be switched on again, the regulator will return to Zero Limit Position. Otherwise, the breaker could not be turned on again.
    In test process, if test object is breakdown, over current protection will act and the front pole switch and rear pole circuit breaker will trip off and the regulator will return to Zero Position. Otherwise, the close operation of front pole switch and vacuum breaker cannot be carried out.
(5) Protection function
    The switch cabinet has current and voltage protection components which separated away from the control system. When set protection value reached, the protective actions work accordingly and its action will be indicated on the interface of control system.
    The current protective value of regulator primary and secondary can be set through control system. When the set value reached, the system trips off automatically.
    Control Functions: Change-over between auto and manual control as per operator order input. Close /open of switch is under control; automatic step-up / step-down and emergency open while being failure; the speed of step-up can be controlled automatically, that means high speed of step-up is done before 75% test voltage and the speed slow down beyond 75% test voltage.

Main hardware:
●CPU P4 2.4G
●512M internal storage DDR
●120G hard disc
●PHILIPS19”LCD, 1024×768  32bit color
●keyboard, photo electricity mouse
Main software:
●WINDOWS 7 software,
●OFFICE 2003
●SIEMENS WINCC control software, and qualified lower computer
●Siemens PLC S7-300
●Analog input channel      8channel
●Analog output channel     4channel
●A/D sampling resolution    12Bits
●D/A sampling resolution    12Bits
●Isolating relay, analog quantity transfer modules
●Electrical regulator 380VAC
●Optical fiber 20meter
Control Console:
●Dimension: 1006(L) X 1000(D) X 1170(H)
●Power supply isolation transformer
●Power filter
●Protection unit

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