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HCL2010-M Manual Partial Discharge Tester
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HCL2010-M Manual Partial Discharge Tester

Lead time: 30 days

HCL 2010-M manual partial discharge tester is special designed with wide measuring range and high precision. The PD tester adopt balance method principle. The function of attenuation on space interference and power supply interference is strength. Discharging repeat rate is digit measuring, the accuracy is highly improved. Easy operating, convenient for wide User. It good selection for PD tester with low budget.

The partial discharge tester suitable for motor, transformer, instrument transformer, cable, bushing, capacitor and other high voltage products’ partial discharge measurement.

ApplIied Standards: 
· IEC60270 Partial discharge measurement
· IEC60885-3 Test methods for partial discharge measurements on lengths of extruded power cables
· DL417 Partial discharge testing guide for power equipment
· GB/T16927 High-voltage test technique
· IEC60060-1&2
· IEC-885
· IEEE Std.4
Partial Discharge Tester Partial Discharge Tester
Partial Discharge Tester Partial Discharge Tester

Technical Parameters: 

Working environment: Temperature: -10 ~ 45 Relative humidity:  ≤ 95% 
Measurement channel:  Singe channel
Inspection sensitivity: 0.02pC (When capacitor is 50pF )
Interference discriminate logic: Pulse peak value surpass threshold value (threshold value can be customize), continuous four ( or above four ) test voltage cycle, “effective” indicate lamp display.
Display methods: Ellipsoid and straight line
Time window: 
Window width: 15 ~ 150, window turn range 0 ~ 170;The two time window is independent.
Ellipsoid scan time base (T.B.): 
Frequency 50, 100, 200, 400Hz, each 30 is one grade, rotate 360 degree. Absorb power <1VA.
Pulse peak value meter: 31/2 digit LED display, error < 5% F.S
Test object capacitance range: 6pF ~ 250uF
Test voltage meter: Measuring range:100kV (expandable) digit display, error <3% F.S 
Measurement range: 0.1pC ~ 1000nC (1nC = 1000pC)
3db low frequency F1, 10Hz, 20Hz, 40Hz selectable
- 3db high frequency Fh 80kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz selectable
- Positive pulse and negative pulse response asymmetry <1db
Gain adjusting range: >120db
Gains: The gain between each grade is 20±1db.
Linearity(10-100% FS): 1% 
Uncertainty of scale factor:3% 
Scale change: 0 ~ above than 120db
Power: AC 220V Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz, Max. consumption power: 500vA
Test voltmeter: 0~ 1500kV
Partial discharge level repeat rate: Range: 1x104pps, error < 5% F.S

Partial Discharge Tester Partial Discharge Tester
Partial Discharge Tester Partial Discharge Tester

About the feeding voltage and frequency:
When order PD tester, please kind confirm the input voltage and frequency with our sales manager.
Considering different country voltage is different, the PD tester need customized on it. And what we need is single phase voltage. 

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