World’s First UHV Flexible DC Converter Valve Came into Being
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World’s First UHV Flexible DC Converter Valve Came into Being


Convter Valve

The world’s first UHV flexible DC transmission converter valve has been successfully developed, marking that the voltage grade increases from ±350kV to ±800kV and the transmission capacity improves from available 1 million kW to 5 million kW. We usher in a new era of DC transmission.  

The converter valve is the heart of flexible DC transmission and the bridge between DC and AC. Among all flexible DC equipment, it contains the highest technical content and poses the biggest challenge. Relying on the national key R&D program - research about HV flexible DC transmission key technology and application of pilot project, the R & D team have been conducting a comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis from the aspects of key technology, equipment development and engineering design since September 2016. Through nine months of unremitting efforts, the first UHV flexible DC converter valve was successfully developed in the world.    

By the UHV flexible DC converter valve, three tough problems including self-elimination of DC fault and system restart, dropping DC voltage operation and valves online condition are fixed, providing strong support for constructing the overhead flexible DC transmission, multi-terminal DC transmission system and DC grid. Compared with common UHVDC, when the UHV flexible DC transmission is applied to transmit the electric power out of new energy, it is not necessary to build thermal power. Thus, the overall cost of transmission system is reduced greatly and it facilitates the transmission of clean energy further and more stable.     

The product can address the bottleneck problem, that is, available electric power from new energy cannot be transmitted outside at a large scale and for a long distance but transmitted only along with thermal power or consumed nearby.