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​Energy screening test, rectangular impulse, Impulse current generator for arrestor
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Energy screening test, rectangular impulse, Impulse current generator for arrestor and MOV testing

Energy screening test, rectangular impulse, Impulse current generator for arrestor or MOV testing

This equipment is for removing the defective ZnO elements ocuurred during fabrication processes by applying 2ms-long duration impulse current wave test according to IEC60099-4.

-- impulse current withstand test marx generator 

Production type : Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV)

Normally, the test position can be one or two or three, depends on User's requirement. 


More extention function on impulse current generator: 

- Exponential current on arrestor discs with 4/10us or 8/20us impulse

- Exponential current on arrestor discs with 10/350us impulse

- Long duration current on arrestor discs with rectangular impulse

The impulse current generator is built on a metallic base frame or supports and encompasses mainly the impulse capacitors, sphere gap, pulse forming elements, earthing switch and the current and voltage transducers. It is usually designed for indoor operation, or with a mobile design upon request.


• The impulse capacitors, rated up to 100 kV, are castor-oil insulated which guarantees the longest life-time expectancy and is perfectly environment-friendly. Extensive type and routine tests, as well as decade long experience ensure that we use the best design available for meeting all testing requirements ! The capacitors are made of elements made of aluminium foil and castor-oil impregnated paper, provided with special impulse contacts, and housed inside cans of welded sheet steel with a single bushing.


• The pulse forming elements (resistors and inductances) are usually resin cast elements used also in our impulse voltage generators and ensure remarkable energy absorption capabilities. The resistors are made of CrWi wire.


• The spark gap, available either in a 2 sphere design (electric triggering) or in a 3 sphere design (pneumatic operation) comprises spheres with tungsten alloy inserts. The 2 spheres gap is adjusted in function of the charging voltage by the controls. Both designs include a check-pulse capacitor to acknowledge if the generator has correctly fired. Design incorporating a test chamber (for the test object) are available.


• Every generator includes an earth-switch to discharge all capacitors and ground all components automatically. 

The sytem will include: 

-  HV Charging device

- Impulse current generator

- current shunt

- High voltage divider 

- Control System & measuring system


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