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HCTS 1000A Primary Current Injection
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HCTS 1000A/30V Primary Current Injection

Lead time: 25 days

HCTS series Manual Control Primary Injection Test Set, is the ideal equipment for testing high-current device in the power and electric industry, used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical manufacturing and research institutes.


-Manually control, digital display of input voltage and output current.

-Movable structure, current output is adjustable.

-With timer to timing the action time of circuit breaker.(customized)

-Zero start function to prevent the test objects from damage caused by high current impulse. The equipment only can be started from zero.

-Impulse selection function. The required current can be output directly without zero protection function when making quick-break testing for circuit breaker.

-Suitable for all kinds of circuit breaker, switchgear, current relay.

-Easy use and maintenance.


-Input voltage: AC 380V,50Hz.(AC 220V is customized)

-Rated Output current: Single phase, 0-1000A AC.

-Output Voltage: 30V (according to customer demand).

-Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃.

-Current accuracy: ≤ 1.5% (F.S).

-Weight: About 300kg, including control unit and current source


Control unit1 piece

Current source1 piece

Output cable from control unit1 set

Output cable from current source 2 pcs (additional, please consult with sales for it, the cost will according to the current rate and length.) 

Metering cable1 set

Ground cable between control unit and current source1 piece

Ground cable to the earth1 piece

Timing signal cable1 piece

Power cable1 set 

User's guide1 piece

Factory test report1 piece

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