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HCS2000A Automatic Control System
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HCS 2000A Automatic Control System

Lead time: 30 days

Control System Parameters: 
1) Charging voltage:
Setting range       0~100.0kV
Operating space    10.0~100.0kV
Setting deviation    ≤±1%
Instability           ≤±1%
Setting resolution   0.1kV
2) Charging time:
Setting rang         20~190s
Setting resolution    1s
Alarm time-delay     2s
3) Raise voltage times:
Setting rang       1~999
4) Protection setting:
Over-Current protection      Settable
Over-Voltage protection      Settable
Trends Charging Protection   Selectable
Static Charging Protection    Settable
Trigger pulse >15kV, raising time <100ns, polarity is switchable.
Output impulse stability >99%

Main Function: 
HCS2000A controller can realize manual control, automatic control and programmed control, main function are like following:
Measuring display:                                          State display:
DC charging voltage                                       Main power connector switching state
Transformer primary current                         Ground device switching state
Generator sphere gap distance                   Generator sphere gaps trigger state
Generator charging voltage polarity state

1) Control system can realize manual control, automatic control and programmed control, each function is independent.
2) Adopt controllable silicon regulating method, has charging voltage feedback measuring system
3) Sparking sphere gap and chopped gap distance is adjustable manually or automatically, and display on the interface.
4) Equips time-delay adjustable chopping gap trigger pulse, and generator spark trigger feedback system
5) Adopt functions controlled constant current charging methods, charging voltage stability can reach 0.5%.
6) Liquid crystal display panel can indicate generator’s charging voltage and charging process, accuracy is 1%.
7) Can direct input charging voltage and time from liquid crystal display panel
8) Equips charging abnormal protection function, the trigger spark pulse can be generate manually or automatically
9) Generator working status indication, such as: spontaneous combustion, not trigger, charging abnormal, charging stable, and so on.
10) System generator and charging parts ground and ground decontrol
11) The charging voltage polarity can be changed by press the bottom in the controller.
12) The charging process can be controlled manually or automatically
13) Alarm bell (manual or automatic)
14) Protection and interlock:
15) Over-current protection
16) Over-voltage protection
17) Abnormal discharge protection
18) Door open/close interlock
19) Ground facility interlock
20) Polarity reversal interlock
21) Operation indication:
22) Can supply different operation indication, when system error or disoperation, the interface will come up relative indication.
23) Dimension: 750x900x1250mm

Measuring System: 
Amplitude measurement: Impulse peak voltmeter (Selectable)
Input range: 100V ~ 1000V (Impulse voltage)
Uncertainty of measurement: <1%
Waveform measurement: TDS3012 digital oscilloscope
Two channels, 100MS/S 9bit(Resolution selectable, higher resolution will raise above price, if need please contact with Himalayal Sales.), 
Windows 7/8/10software,
19” LCD color monitor, mouse and keyboard
Waveform analysis: Grind China industrial control computer

Related Standards: 
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multiple stages chopping gaps multiple stages chopping gaps
multiple stages chopping gaps multiple stages chopping gaps

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