100kVA ~ 150kVA Range
TYDZ-120kVA/0.38KV/0~0.42KV Contact type regulator
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TYDZ-120kVA/0.38KV/0~0.42KV Contact type regulator

Lead time: 60 days

Mode: TYDZ-120kVA/0.38KV/0~0.42KV
Single phase           Frequency: 60Hz        Rated Capacity: 120kVA
Voltage adjusting methods: electrical drive (single phase DC motor adjusting)
Rated Input Voltage: 0.38kV                       Rated Output Voltage:0~0.42kV
Rated Input Current: 315.7A                       Regulating lower range <1%, upper range >95%
Aberration Ration of Waveform: ≤3%
Short circuit impedance ≤7% (in range of 50% -100%, impedance is linear.)
Overvoltage capability: 60min @ 120% rated output current; 30min @ 140% rated output current; 5min @ 160% rated output current.
Cooling: ONAN                                             Working time: 1 hour on.
Note: include - magnetism oil surface indicator, servo motor driving device, position indicator with terminal contacts and protection contacts.
The symmetrical compensation and reversed polarity voltage regulation circuit is adopted so that output voltage of the regulator keeps smooth and linearity, and regulating speed can be set and to be very stable. The interlock between voltage regulator, control table and secondary switch are available.
contact type voltage regulator contact type voltage regulator

contact type voltage regulator 120kVAcontact type voltage regulator

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