Resonant Test System
Application of Resonant Technology in the XLPE Cable Test
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Application of Resonant Technology in the XLPE Cable Test

Abstract: Due to many advantages of cable including strong capability of load and small line loss, it has been widely used. According to the requirements of new regulation, only the AC test is conducted for the XLPE cable. The paper presents the application of resonant technology in the cable test.   

Key words: Variable frequency resonant, XLPE cable, test     

The variable frequency resonant test is mainly used for conducting the on-site AC dielectric test for electric equipment with large capacity, including medium-low voltage, high voltage and ultra-high voltage XLPE, GIS, motor stator, large-sized transformer and electric capacitor. It is best to use the power frequency to carry out the AC dielectric test for the above-mentioned electric equipment. However, the capacitance of test object is large and the power that needs to provide for test equipment is so big that the on-site inspection is cannot made. The variable inductance series resonant test is only used for dielectric test of generator stator. In the 1970s, the foreign electric sector found that the DC dielectric test did not work for rubber and plastic insulation and is hazard. Practice and research has proved that the DC dielectric test cannot effectively detect some defects under the role of AC voltage such as mechanical damage within the cable accessories. By adopting the ultra-low frequency (0.1Hz) AC test method, the volume of equipment is smaller but it has limitations.