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HTM 200 Temperature Measuring Unit
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HTM 200 Temperature Measuring Unit

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HTM 200
Automatic temperature measuring device use thermocouple as sensor to measure temperature and temperature rise.  Its thermoelectrically potential is calculated base on microvolt. The device can get stable and reliable measuring result under strong electricity magnetic field.
l  Has self-correcting thermocouple function
l  Built-in thermocouple reference table to meet different measuring requirement
l  High accuracy, error less than 10 microvolt
l  Scanning measuring time interval adjustable
Main temperature control and measuring parameter:
Measuring points: not less than 8points (include 3 Ring temperature point)
Voltage range: 0~19.99mv
Temperature raise measuring range: IEC thermocouple range
Voltage measuring accuracy <0.1%
Measuring error <0.5
Voltage resolution: 1μv
Temperature resolution: 0.005
Sampling speed: 3 point/second
Measuring time interval: 1~99 min
Power supply: AC220V±10%   50Hz
Air humidity: <95%RH
External dimension: 650×460×180mm (L×W×H)
Weight: <20.5kg

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