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HCG 400KV-600pF Multiple Chopping Gap, Impulse Voltage Generator
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HCG 400KV-600pF Multiple Chopping Gap

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Mode: HCG 400KV-600pF
1) The chopped wave device capacitance column is composed with the high voltage pulse capacitor series connection,the whole structure is movable, and the wheels are made with polyurethane material and have fixed brace.The top is equipped with press device, the control panel carries on the electrical connection to satisfy long-distance gap sphere distance, it has good stability, ignition triggers delay adjustment function is realized by electronic line,the device truncation performance stable, reliable, the truncation time dispersion is small.
2) Rated voltage ±400kV
3) Chopped wave duration 2-6μs
4) Chopped wave voltage scope 20% ~ 100%
5) Sphere gap quantity: 4pair (8units)
6) Chopped wave duration dispersive standard deviation ≤ 0.1μs
7) The electric discharge sphere gap diameter is 250mm, discharges area inlay tungsten.
Under external trigger signal condition, the chopped wave device does not have malfunction or error,
8) synchronization rate is greater than 98%.
9) The cut-off device has the chopped wave damping resistance, the parameter approximately 10Ω,20Ω, each device with 3 resistances, the resistance tunable, easily adjust over zero coefficient.
10) The multi-sphere chopped wave gap sphere through the control panel electrically operated transmission system adjustment, the gap sphere transmission error is not higher than 1mm, and the display resolution is less than 0.5mm.

Principle Diagram: 

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