AC/DC Hipot Test System
HVAC 3KVA/70KV AC Hipot test set
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HVAC 3KVA/70KV AC Hipot Test Set

HVAC-3kVA/70kV dry high voltage test transformer:

This series of products, using advanced production equipment, using coil winding epoxy vacuum casting and high quality cold rolled silicon steel cored CD type iron core, effectively weakened magnetic flux leakage, do DC voltage test without external silicon pile, We can only install DC high-voltage silicon stack in high-voltage end to get DC.

HVAC-3kVA-70kV Control Box:

The equipment is a box structure, the box body is aluminum alloy chassis, all electrical components are installed on the skeleton, the panel has a power cable, easy to install and maintain.The alarm device has simple circuit, reliable performance, timing, acousto-optic synchronous alarm function.